Support Groups

Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep...
— Carl Sandburg
Artist's Rendering of Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc.

Sometimes the voice you need to hear when you're struggling and hurting is that of someone else who's been where you are and who understands first-hand what you're experiencing.

Whatever your situation and circumstance, Hospice of Santa Barbara offers an opportunity for you to connect with others who are facing, or have faced, your situation. All our support groups are co-facilitated by licensed professional counselors and peer counselors -- men and women just like you who have faced their own grief and are now ready to give back to others.

Our facilitators strive to make each group a safe, supportive and healing place.

To register for any of these support groups, or more information, please call our Intake Coordinator at (805) 563-8820.

To see a full list of our Winter Support Groups, click here.

Hospice of Santa Barbara Support Groups

Daytime Widow/Widowers

Grief support for spouses and partners

Evening Widow/Widowers

Grief support for spouses and partner

Survivors of Suicide

For those grieving the death of a loved one by suicide

The Healing Circle

For those grieving the death of someone who has touched their life

Organ Transplant

For people anticipating an organ transplant or who have received an organ transplant

Poetry Group

For those seeking an inspirational and creative way to express their feelings (time-limited group)

Art Group

Grief support using expressive arts (time-limited group)

Loss Later in Life

For residents of Maravilla Retirement Community


For parents grieving the loss of an adult child

Living with Loss

For parents grieving a pregnancy loss or loss of an infant

I Have a Friend ®

A unique mentor program that pairs a child learning to survive the death of a parent or sibling with an adult who had a similar loss as a child

Parenting After Loss

For adults who are caregivers of bereaved children and teens