Counseling & Bereavement Services

Hospice of Santa Barbara's counselors offer free, confidential, professional counseling to anyone grieving the death of a loved or coping with a life-threatening illness.

Our professional counselors are skilled in addressing the distinct and different ways that young children, teens, and adults grieve.

Our bereavement services include individual counseling, support groups, art workshops, therapeutic poetry , and holiday workshops for every age group.

Individual Counseling: A one-on-one counseling with licensed experienced and compassionate professionals skilled in addressing the unique issues that arise after the death of a loved one.

We also provide anticipatory grief counselling for those with a life threatening illness and those who love them.

Support Groups: Hospice of Santa Barbara offers many different support groups for individuals of all ages- for widows and widowers, for those who have lost a baby or a young child, and for those whose loved one dies by suicide.  Our counselors will suggest an appropriate support group for you and your continued healing.