Fernanda Friden, Bilingual Care Coordinator

Fernanda provides support to the patient care services (PCS) team to facilitate the highest quality care services to PCS patients and families. Her family had a significant loss in 2007 and they came to Hospice for counseling for their young children. Fernanda was touched so deeply by the support they received that she immediately knew she wanted to somehow give back to HSB. She trained to become a volunteer and, to her surprise, was offered a job almost immediately! Before her job at HSB, Fernanda was a bicultural workplace facilitator, assisting local companies to find solutions to issues related to a bicultural (Hispanic and non-Hispanic) workplace. Fernanda also has over 20 years of medical and court interpreting experience, and attended the Court Interpreting Institute at University of Arizona and the Southern California School of Interpretation. Fernanda is happy to report that she and her husband will have graduated three daughters from college in 2019. In exchange, her daughters are committed to pay for their younger brother’s college education when he gets there. The family loves to travel and explore the world and spend their summers in Panama where Fernanda is from. Philip and Fernanda own Good Cup Coffee Shop in downtown Santa Barbara.