Hospice of Santa Barbara Holiday Grief


Holiday Workshops require pre-registration. No drop-ins please.
For more information call (805) 563-8820

First Holiday for Families - Wednesday, December 6th 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Primeros dias festivos para familias - miercoles, deciembre 6 - 5:30 - 7:00pm

This workshop is for families with children who will be experiencing their first holiday
without their loved one. In this workshop, your family will create and decorate an ornament
in honor of your family member who died this year.

Este taller es para familias con niños que por primera vez pasarán los días festivos sin
su persona querida. Tendrán la oportunidad de crear y decorar un adorno o esfera en
honor a su ser querido.

Nuevos Caminos - Jueves 7 de Diciembre 5:30 - 7:00pm
En nuestro seminario “Nuevos Caminos - exploraremos la manera en que puede hacer
estos dias mas faciles mientras usted recuerda a su persona querida. Usted tendra
la oportunidad de decorar una esfera en honor a su ser querido.

Young Adult Holiday Workshop - December 4th 6 - 7:30pm
This workshop is for young adults, ages 19-30, who have experiened the death of a
loved one and would like support during the holiday season. The workshop will consist
of a group discussion and the creation of a seasonal memento in honor of their loved

Grieving Through the Holidays

Holidays are often a time of emotional ups and downs, especially for those who
are grieving. During the holiday season we grieve not only for our loved one who
died, but also for the special moments of our life with them, including holiday celebrations.
On top of this, the expectation to feel joyful during the holiday season
can increase our distress or lead to feeling isolated from our friends and family.

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