Joe Jowell

In 1974, after my wife died of cancer, I began to volunteer at Hospice of Santa Barbara. I felt a strong connection with those seeking help at Hospice of Santa Barbara because I had experienced this painful loss myself and received help from Hospice of Santa Barbara. Through Hospice of Santa Barbara I met some amazing people and learned so many things about pain, loss, and acceptance. I continue to volunteer and love the connections I have made through my time here.

Hospice of Santa Barbara is a great cause because it has opened a door for the taboo subject of death and grieving. Death was something that many people did not previously talk about. Hospice of Santa Barbara has encouraged terminally ill people to seek assistance and not shy away from others due to their condition. Suffering alone only makes things worse. Although there may not be a cure for their illness, Hospice of Santa Barbara can provide emotional and spiritual care that will facilitate their transition into another life. What is great about Hospice of Santa Barbara is their genuine concern for those are they helping – knowing that there are people who actually care always strengthens your morale and helps you through the healing process.

There is always a need for grief counseling and therapy within our community, and seeing as Hospice of Santa Barbara provides their services for free, they can always use financial help. I decided to provide Hospice of Santa Barbara with a Charitable Gift Annuity because of all the great work they have done for me and many others in our community. Giving back to a charity does not have to be a burden and that's what my Charitable Gift Annuity goes to show. Both Hospice of Santa Barbara and I benefit from the Charitable Gift Annuity – I receive a monthly check for my gift which is 74% non-taxable. It was a deal that couldn't be beat! Once I have passed, my gift to Hospice of Santa Barbara goes into affect. It's truly a win-win situation.