Patrice's Poem

On the anniversary of her son's death - which happened to be the night of the Super Moon in Fall 2016 – Patrice Handley wrote this poem while sitting under the oak tree where his ashes are buried. She participates in our “Healing Through Poetry” group, which helps those that are bereaved or anticipating the loss of a loved one by examining writing techniques that allow members to express their grief through written word. 


So tonight is the Super Moon

nearer to us than it's ever been...

last this close to the earth when I was an infant, the year of1948.

It's a strange night, five years since you've been gone,

to be celebrated by those who long for you

tonight in the Super Moonlight.

And I can't help wonder where you are...

Is that you, in the moon-glade on the water, 

pointing at me with a swath of your luminous spirit,

nearer to me than you've ever been?

Is that you, reflected in the golden eyes of that hoot owl up by the creek bed?

Is that you, those sparkles bouncing off the brass bells hanging in your oak tree?                                   

Oh, I see...As my eyes dive into the huge glowing surface above

I don't see the Man-in-the-Moon at all.

I just see you, smiling that peculiar lopsided grin,

irony in your eyes.

Even while YOU live in the moon, my Sean,

You're still you...

nearer to me tonight than you've ever been.

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